Free Web Check Up

Hi, I’m Fletch, the developer of the Town App. I’m also a web designer and online marketer who has been doing this for the last 17 years working mainly in the small to medium sized business market.

If you have a business and you’re unsure of whether your online marketing is working as well as it should or not, then if you answer the few simple questions below I’ll do an online analysis for you and let you know by way of a web check up report.

Basically, I’m trying to see if you’re wasting any money now or not, and also if you’re missing out on any new leads or business opportunities with what you’re currently doing.

I look at your:

  • Website content and layout to see if it meets current SEO (search engine optimisation and results) standards
  • I work out what normal and fair annual hosting costs should be for your site and let you know (some people get really ripped off on hosting and they haven’t realised that’s happening)
  • Google presence to see if the free opportunities are maximised
  • Facebook presence to see if the free opportunities are maximised
  • What your competitors are likely to be spending on online advertising and what the click through costs to their websites are likely to be
  • Email marketing opportunities

And when I’m done I send you a free report along with any recommendations I can make. Basically I send you a list of what I’d do if I were you, and this is based on nearly 20 years of experience doing this.

You’re probably thinking, “Why would I do this for free?” Well, when I do this a certain number of businesses come onboard as new clients. So if you fill out this form and send it, you’ll receive within a few days a plain English analysis of your current web presence and some ways to improve it if required. We won’t hassle you with sales calls either. We have enough clients coming onboard to not have to chase work. We’re simply here to help. 

If you have any questions at all, please just give us a call on 06 927 5460, email us at or if you’d like your free report just get in touch below.